Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kansas gets about $5 million in COPS funding


According to the Wichita Eagle in an Associated Press article, Kansas gets 5$ million in grants for the hiring of police officers in 10 cities. Source.

So, Kansas, whose former governor is in the Obama Cabinet, and the current governor is a turn-coat Republican turned Democrat, is awarded money under the grant program Community Oriented Policing Services, commonly called COPS. But the rub comes when the grant money is used up. Then, what do the ten cities do with the cops on board due to the grant money? Do the cities fire them, or dig up the money to retain them?

It is hopeful that the Kansas legislature will turn down this grant money as it will be costly for the cities, and possibly the state, which may be asked to supply the funding to retain them if the cities can not do so.

This blog will be watching to see what happens when the gravy train runs dry.

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