Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are the Democrats Total Idiots?


When I check the news the first thing in the morning, I think I have awakened in the Twilight Zone. The administration has taken over banks, the insurance industry, the auto industry—even firing the former CEO of GM, and now attempting to force universal health insurance on us. They promise that we will not lose our present health insurance if we are satisfied with it, however they have made many promises they have broken. So, what assurance do we have they won’t break this promise also? We don’t!

Now as if the Democrat progressives have not already jumped the tracks of financial sanity, they have now increased the national minimum wage to $7.25 per hour which is higher than the minimum of 30 states. This will mean higher operating costs for thousands of small businesses who will now be forced to lay off younger inexperienced workers, many students working their way through college, and many from poor neighborhoods. In my 22 years working for a state Department of Labor, I’ve seen this very thing happen every time the minimum is raised.

It also frustrates the supply and demand for workers, and affects wages a part of the way up the lower range of other workers. As those below the present minimum, are raised, those already making the new minimum or more will also be raised.

The so-called stimulus moneys have primarily gone to states that voted for Obama. Occupations that favor unions, the radical environmental movements, and other Democratic and progressive projects have received the major portion of funds already spent. But, these are failing to decrease the unemployment rate and of stopping the continual laying off.

If this trend of spending by clueless Democrats continues, I predict the unemployment rate will be around 11 to 13% by the first of the year 2010. This will be political fuel for Republicans in the off year election next year.

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