Monday, March 1, 2010

Using the 14th Amendment to support the Second Amendment Unnecessary


Talk of SCOTUS possibly using the Fourteenth Amendment to incorporatethe Second Amendment making it applicable to states bothers me a lot.

The Second Amendment stands on its own and needs no help from the 14th Amendment. The Second Amendment, if we read the desire of those who placed it into the Constitution, was intended for use by the states and its citizens, and was to arm the states and its citizens to protect them from an abusive central government. The state governors were empowered by this amendment to raise up 'well-regulated' state militias to defend themselves against an abusive central government and other states who may have a cause against them.

The civil war initiated an improper use of militias. The North used its militias against the militias of the South to 'impose' their will against the Southern States in defending their 'state's rights' under the original federalism promoted by the Constitution. The North used 'slavery' as an excuse to fight the South, as the North could not compete against cheap labor the slaves provided.

When we understand the proper intention of the Second Amendment, we find the 14th Amendment only a hindrance in weakening the Second Amendment by using it as a crutch to 'support' the Second.

When will we ever learn?

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