Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Moment of Decision for Americans on Health Care

I just heard President Obama deliver a speech trying to convince the Republicans, Independents, Conservative Democrats, and the American Public, that his modified health care is what the people want, and congress should pass it with an up or down vote, i.e., the nuclear option: conciliation--50 plus one vote in the senate.

No. He just attended the summit with the Republicans and he did not hear a word they said to him. Adding a point of two they suggested is not 'bi-partisan.' He said they debated the bill over and over. Not true. The Republicans were shut out, and in some cased the doors were shut against them.

Polls now definately show that the majority of Americans want to either start over from scratch, or drop it altogether. Yet, he and the progressive Democrats still want to jam it down the throats of Americans.

The President presents a special burden to Christians in this country. We are asked in scripture to pray for him, which I do daily. I do not require my president or congress to agree with me on everything, even if on only a few things. What really bothers me is that I can no longer trust anything my government or the president tells me.

I am a former Democrat, now 78, who quit the party some years ago as they 1) no longer represent the 'classic liberalism' of our forefathers, 2) they have been hijacked by progressives, 3) they have resorted to misleading and or outright lying about issues, and 4) they no longer seem to listen to or have any respect for those who placed them there.

Consequently, I no longer want our government to do anything more for me or to me. I can no longer afford my government. Most have to be removed this November, most Democrats and those Republicans who do not have the cajones to speak out against the chicanery in Washington.

But, good may come out of this. We may actually be able to clean house, as I am beginning to see others as fed up as I am. And after we toss them out, we need to bring charges against them for illegal legislation passed against the principles of the Constitution. Do we have the guts to do this?

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