Saturday, March 6, 2010

State Sovereignty resolution in Kansas Update!

Wednesday SCR 1615 was tabled.

Thursday, SCR 1615 was untabled and passed out of committee! Rep. Joe Patton made the motion. This shows how important your communication is to legislators, especially when done in a respectful and reasonable way, explaining the importance of the legislation.

Here are the updated votes:
State Sovereignty House Committee Votes. The Democrats are highlighted in yellow so it’s easy to see the party differences.

There have been several questions about the amendments made to SCR 1615 in the House Judiciary committee before the resolution was passed out of committee.
State Sovereignty House Committee Amendments

This resolution, as it left the committee, still conveys a firm message of state sovereignty to the federal government.

Keep in mind that other amendments can and most likely will be offered on the House floor – some good and some bad. This isn’t over yet.

If there is a particular change that someone finds objectionable, they should lobby a House member to attempt an amendment on the floor. However, this resolution now appears “bi-partisan,” because of the committee’s actions and could likely get more votes, which could have the result of sending a stronger message to the federal government.

Thank all of you who contacted your Kansas Representative. Please contact the House Judiciary Committee members and thank them.

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