Monday, August 17, 2009

N Y Shop Owner Protects Self & Employee with Shotgun

Originally posted Friday, August 14, 2009, by The Unreligious Right blog.
The Second Amendment in Action

Four criminals picked the wrong Harlem shop to rob. As they tried to put plastic cuffs on two employees, beating one who resisted, 72-year old Charles Augusto Jr grabbed his shotgun. He killed one of attackers and mortally wounded the second. The other two were also hit and fled bleeding. Both were found by police and arrested. Augusto, obviously acting in self-defense, was not charged.

Had Mr. Augusto relied solely on the police for protection, rather than arming himself, at best he and his employees would have been robbed and possibly beaten. At worst he'd be lying dead, after the criminals decided it might be better not to leave witnesses. Fortunately he didn't have to find out what might have happened.

In New York City, one must have a permit to own a shotgun. The fees required to obtain a permit are prohibitive to the poor and would prevent them from owning a shotgun for defense:
The application fee is $140.00. The fingerprint fee is $94.25 for fingerprints done on the Livescan machine. If you require inked prints, the fee is $105.25. You may pay the fees with a credit card or two POSTAL MONEY ORDERS, BANK TELLER’S CHECKS OR CERTIFIED CHECKS. Cash is not accepted. Please make your money orders or checks payable to the “New York City Police Department.” No personal checks will be accepted. See all NYPD Requirements here.

These requirements literally restrict the rights of many citizens of New York City their rights under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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