Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Democrats Call Town Hall Objectors "Part of the Mob"


I just watched an interview between Neil Cavuto and a guest, California Congressman, Brad Sherman. I could not believe what I saw. Sherman played the Democrat party line that the Citizens attending various Town Hall meetings were thugs and members of a "Mob."

I heard similar comments from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. It would seem like they have blinders on or that they don't believe anything that happens outside of the halls of congress. They no longer listen to those that elected them.

However, this may be music to my ears. If they keep on ignoring a majority of citizens, who according to recent polls, are against the government's present health care package, they will completely turn off the voters.

If the Republican Party succeeds in running genuine conservatives against the liberal Democrats in November 2010, they have a good chance of taking back the house and maybe the senate.

If the Republicans do not take control from the Democrats, we will all be in serious trouble, as the present national governing cabal is the most corrupt we have ever seen in the United States of America. May God help us all.

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