Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Obama Administration Blame Game


First, it was Bush administration that left a large deficit (which the Democrats tripled), then it was the Republicans. They are at fault that the president and his Democrat congress are having trouble selling the Health Care Program. The Republicans were not being "bi-partisan," in spite of the fact they were squeezed out of the process.

Next, it was the "protesters" at the various town hall meetings, conducted by mostly Democrat Senators and Congress Members, who have questioned the lack of knowledge of their elected representatives. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid labeled them as a "Mob," "Nazis," "Un-American," etc. The American citizens, exercising their democratic option at voicing their opinions at town hall meetings are at fault for the president's public option health care package not being accepted.

Also, the Republicans were again blamed, this time for "organizing" the opposition at the town hall meetings.

Then, it was the insurance companies that were to blame. This was the new object of blame at President Obama's town hall meeting yesterday (August 14), in Montana.

Could the blame really lie at the administration's trying to jam a so-called health care package down the throats of a majority of American citizens who do not want to turn control of their personal relationship with our doctors over to the government? Could it be most U.S. citizens recognize that the Democrat cabal wants to totally control every aspect of our lives? After all, we've seen them take over the banks, the U.S. auto industry, Insurance companies, and now doctor's offices and hospitals. And that they clearly want to replace our capitalism with Socialism, and even Marxism?

Yes, it could be! And the backlash is on the way.

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