Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Pope’s Message the Media Ignored

By George Rasley | 6/4/12

Today’s liberal establishment is totally mystified by the growing mountain of evidence that the values-free society they have struggled so mightily to create is an abject failure.

Pope Benedict XVIThe notion that, “Family life is no longer about playing the social role of father or husband or wife, it’s more about individual satisfaction and self-development,” as sociologist Andrew Cherlin said to The New York Times -- is accepted wisdom among urban liberal elites.

Naturally, their response to arguments to the contrary is to ignore evidence or arguments that contradict that worldview.

So it should come as no surprise that when Pope Benedict XVI argued against acceptance of this secular gospel in the Homily he delivered before a million worshipers during Mass at the 7th World Meeting of Families at Bresso Park in Milan, Italy it was quietly, but firmly ignored by the major media outlets. More from Conservative HQ.
Just like the leftist media has ignored anything else they do not like, as they did yesterday's election to replace Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker's defeat of the union expensive attempt to cast him from his office.
However, the Pope’s message that, “the family, based on marriage between man and woman… is the first and irreplaceable school of social virtues” gives way too much authority to traditional social values to be given a place in the establishment media’s carefully controlled public square. Op Cit.

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