Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How much longer can the taxpayers sustain a corrupt government, when not only departments, but the employees themselves believe themselves to be entitled as members of royalty? Entitled to be wined and dined by those they are economically shafting day by day.
The Rot Can No Longer Be Contained April 23, 2012 by Bob Livingston Government employees act as if money grows on trees while American taxpayers suffer. Recent news-making events demonstrate that the rot infesting the cesspool that is Washington, D.C., can no longer be contained. The rot is noxious, pervasive, knows no political party and infests all it touches. The recent events include the scandalous excesses of the General Services Administration junkets — on which even the bureaucrats’ spouses traveled, partied, wined and dined on the taxpayers’ dimes — and the Secret Service’s drunken whoring with Colombian prostitutes. These events contain a common thread: Federal government employees who understand that in the United States, money does indeed grow on trees (or at least in Federal Reserve computers). They view the American taxpayer as a bottomless pit. They have come to think of themselves as a privileged class and believe rules of decorum and normal conduct do not apply to them. Read More from Personal Liberty Digest.
We, the people, are now being robbed openly by those whom we placed in positions to serve the people who put them there. Register and vote everyone that is a part of this Thieving company out of office.

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