Thursday, December 8, 2011


In the next few weeks, I intend to present a series of posts on lies our public schools teach our children. Why do I call them lies, rather than mistakes, misrepresentations, or maybe just opinions? Because they have been planted into our public and private schools with the knowledge knowing they were just that, lies, and they were planted for the very purpose of changing the beliefs of our citizens through molding the mindsets of our children.

Some lies have been taught for several generations, more so in our present one. These lies affect our newest citizens as they have and are still influencing most of our citizens. These lies also cause rifts between generations in our families, older family members tending to be conservative, which our young ones become more liberal.

Just as we were taught lies about George Washington, we were also taught lies about other U.S. presidents. We were taught falsehoods about the Bible, about Christianity, about political parties, and about science.

A common misconception, developed by a lies taught in our schools, is that the U.S. Constitution lays down the political doctrine of the Separation of Church and State. Is this true or false?

This will be the first lie I will post on this web site. Keep reading.


  1. From the 1st Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." In short, it simply prevents the Federal government from establishing a state religion & nothing else. Seperation of Church & State was found in a letter by Thomas Jefferson who was not involved in the writing of the Constitution or the 1st 10 amendments (11 of 27 if you count the 27th which was proposed at the same time but not raitified unti recently.) So the answer is "False".

  2. Thanks for posting, Al. I hope to begin posting soon in this area, but I've been fighting my cancer, too much to do, and getting ready for winter.

    Your comments are always welcome.