Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are Democrats Planning on Stealing the Election of 2012?

At least 14 states have ongoing suits against organizations involved in voter fraud. Not surprisingly, voter fraud is overwhelmingly in favor of Democratic candidates for offices from the local to the national level. Related Article.
Stealing the Election of 2012
by Roger Hedgecock

Americans take the integrity of our elections for granted. Every citizen has an equal right to vote, and every vote cast is counted. Rubbish.
The voter rolls of this country are stuffed with illegal aliens, felons and dead people, who not only vote, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Citizens in uniform serving overseas, who might vote Republican, are routinely denied the right to vote when ballots are mailed "too late" to be returned in time to count. When a Republican wins a close race, uncounted ballots are "found" in the backseat of a Democrat poll worker's car.

American elections are getting more corrupt every election year.

I heard Debbie Wasserperson-Schultz still whining the other day about the 2000 presidential election in Florida. You know, the one President Gore won, but Bush stole—even though every time the New York Times and other Democrat lapdog media counted and recounted those Florida ballots, Bush still won. Source from Human Events.
I read many of those reports from the Liberal media, and have read their support of Florida recount figures. With the corruption in the present administration and in the Democrat Party, There is no doubt in my mind that the voter fraud in the 2012 election will surpass the fraud of 2008. I believe the aftermath of the election of 2012 will involve multiple lawsuits of states against leftist organizations involved in the election fraud. Democrats lie and will not hesitate to pull any devious trick to remain in power, as it remains in the recounting of ballots in Florida in 2008. They know better. They knowingly tried to steal the election through Florida. But the Supreme Court made the correct decision in leaving the decision involving Florida voting procedure up to Florida officials.

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