Friday, April 15, 2011

The Second Amendment is Anathema to the NWO Crowd

The U.S. Constitution grants sovereignty to the states and to the citizens of the states. The "No-borders" progressives, liberals, marxists, are pushing for a New World Order in which government will enforce peace. This might seem like a good idea to the mind-set of the members of this leftist group of 'elites' who know more than the rest of us what brings peace. They do not understand the principle that true freedom is what brings peace.

These One Worlders realize that the possession of personal firearms are counter to their evil plans as the following article shows:
Gun-Grabbers Undermine U.S. Sovereignty
by John M. Snyder
(Council for America)
American gun owners face a double-whammy: A political establishment that seeks to undermine both 2nd Amendment rights and United States national sovereignty.

For decades, gun-grabbers in politics, academe and media have promoted various gun-control schemes to weaken if not ultimately eliminate the individual 2nd Amendment right of law-abiding American citizens to keep and bear arms.

They’ve proposed federal firearms registration, gun-owner licensing, handgun-purchase waiting periods, one-gun-a-month handgun-purchase limitations, bans on inexpensive handguns, bans on semiautomatic firearms, bans on .50-caliber firearms, bans on personal defensive firearms use, limitations on gun shows, and almost any other restrictive approach they can dream up. Read rest of article.
It was the intention of our founding fathers that each state have its own state regulated militia with every healthy individual owning and bearing his own firearms. The fathers were also against a powerful standing army, a principle we have violated in forming a powerful military. They wisely placed it under a civilian commander-in-chief. However, for this to work, the commander-in-chief must be a pro-American patriot and faithful to the Constitution.

Today, we have neither. And as such, we must, even to the shedding of blood, protect the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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