Monday, June 21, 2010

So You Want to Take Your Country Back 5

This is the last article in this series. We began with voting for candidates who promise to enact legislation to create term limits.

Then, we followed with the repeal of the sixteenth amendment, taking economic power from politicians which they use to enhance their positions, and then repealing the seventeenth amendment returning each senator’s loyalties from their political parties back to their states, and effectively strengthening state’s rights.

Now, having watched the development of the Tea Party movement, analyzing their platforms and seeing the hateful rhetoric of the left against them, I believe we should vote for those candidates backed by the tea party. This way we would be electing candidates who are for small government, low taxes, and a return to constitutional government.

I was originally thinking about voting for candidates who are strong supporters of the second amendment. However, candidates for small government, low taxes, and a return to government according to the constitution, are also pro-second amendment.

I’ve seen lists by various well-known conservatives with long lists, some 20 or more requirements for those candidates we should vote for. However, the more suggestions, the more confusing. Voting for candidates that subscribe to the above few points would bring about the many changes recommended by conservatives, and would return our government to constitutional principles.

November is coming quickly, and we need to be getting our ducks in a row.

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