Saturday, May 15, 2010

I’d Like To Ask Some Embarrassing Questions About the Arizona Immigration Law!

by Rick

Here is my questions to President Obama, to La Raza, to the unions, and to others who are participating in which are obviously orchestrated demonstrations against Arizona for passing a law making illegal immigration, illegal:

Why are you bringing race into this? And if, so, why are you neglecting the real racism here? Have you noticed that those who are coming across the border are not white? I wonder why this is. Have you notice that they are mostly mestizos, i.e., a person of mixed racial ancestry, especially mixed European and Native American ancestry? And most mestizos are obviously darker than Caucasians.

In truth, the demonstrations are really against whites, more specifically white men. It is racism injected into the Arizona law issue by the federal administration, La Raza, and many left wing organizations. Now, white men may be culpable, but which white men? Could it be that the whites that govern not only Mexico, but most of South America, are descended from European Caucasians? Yet the president of Mexico had the gall to call the law racist! What is he doing to curb racism in his country?

Are you familiar with the Spanish language novelas on Spanish speaking tv stations showing white hacendados with white clad peasant employees, white managers in business, government? Exceptions usually portray a white land owner who falls in love with his maid. The caste system in Mexico, and other countries, have created the lack of opportunity for the poor indio and mestizo causing them to come over the border looking for a better life. One can not blame them, but the problem lies south of Arizona, not in Arizona.

I have a copy of the Arizona law. It forbids racial profiling, yet, many on the left, some knowing better, claim it is racist and will result in racial profiling. This is not true any more than any other of the thousands of laws in Arizona and in other states.

Those on the left are guilty of deliberate misrepresentations, and yes, deliberate lies! To the progressives who favor open borders, who are the real racists, they will use any means to the ends which they desire for a socialist America.

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