Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Can Not Argue With a Liberal!

Arguing with modern liberals is a lost cause

I have learned long ago not to argue with today’s liberals, who are not really liberals in the classic sense as were our country’s founders, but are marxist progressives. As Ann Coulter has said, there is something wrong mentally with progressive thinking. They are so stuck on themselves as being right, they can not consider the opinions of others as even having merit.

I’m 78 and have studied progressive goals from when they began to infiltrate the ivy league colleges, turning them from schools designed to develop pastors into liberal institutions. The now liberal institutions have created students into liberal teachers and instructors for other colleges, and finally into high schools, and even into grade schools.

Progressive Professors teach their students that we older citizens are brainwashed in conservatism, and they should not listen to us but to consider us as uninformed and out of touch. Grade and High School children are subjected to audiovisual materials teaching that we are a warlike nation. They are taught that our economic problems are caused by capitalism. They are taught that their schooling makes them better informed than they are. And if they buy into that, they will teach their own children to disbelieve them when they become older parents.

Today’s members of the fourth estate, given special first amendment rights to be a watchdog on our government, have become part and parcel with their leftist fellow travelers, betraying their original intent.

We, as conservatives, have a real battle ahead. Because, I do believe those now in power will not give up easily, and may refuse to step down if they lose. Unions have already begun to stir up trouble with FOX, especially Glenn Beck and Hannity, and the Tea Party, hoping for confrontations. I believe they may create a crisis in which the president may declare martial law.

I do not believe they will give up without a fight! We need to be vigilant. Our nation is in more peril than many of our citizens that have been asleep believe. But, I am encouraged as I believe a sleeping giant is being awakened in the Tea Party Movement, second amendment, and other organizations that have formed to take us back to the constitution. We shall see in November.


  1. Severel excellent points in this. I work at a "liberal arts" college that has strayed so far from the true meaning of liberal. The good news, not all students are buying into the modern progressive/liberal brainwashing attempts.

    The sleeping giant IS awakening, just like back in the 1750s, 60s & 70s with our forefathers.

    As for the Ann Colter quote, Obama is a prime example of how right as well as correct she is. (couldn't resist the pun.