Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Health Care Bill Cannot Be Defended Constitutionally

Judge Napolitano v James Clyburn Debating Constitutionality of Federal Health Care

This video shows the liberal philosophy that the Constitution is a 'living document,' permitting the federal government to do whatever it will. Liberals are totally blind to the intent of the original Constitution, and the damage mis-interpretation brings.


  1. Helow,I have weighed this issue Health Care Bill vs. Constitution, and if a Political Party Gains control over a paople because of the Health Care Dollar then this is laws with out moral value.
    You see when tobacco companies became under fire the laws were based on a moral value because of the issues within.
    The moral building blocks from Bill to Law is not supported because these Laws are for increase taxes and force pay in a wide coverage.
    exmp., So this is Health Care Reform at its best, please allow me to share a concept that will open your mind in a way never thought of for a United Forum Concept. At first I stood alone and I wrote my first blog and little did I know that thousands of people and companies stood by it,
    I have waited to see the issues of tax increase and health care, something that may be wrote by President Obama,
    You see a lot of what I write, is in fact that, I do not seek Political support because I do not belong to any party. As for President Obama and theses 60 people that hold seat of Government who wish to build 1900 page of law to Govern this system because of this Health Care dollar. I watch them stumble about without a clue of how to fix this failed system. To see into this failure, you must allow this system to be seen as a forum for dollars of taxes created as a constant as a yearly figure. This prediction of dollar for the future, is in fact what I call Artificial Intelligence built on the hope that taxes will stay a constant figure.
    This Health Care Forum we offer is built on a moral value, a strategic forum to place issues to work ,that offers freedom to be a part of it or not. This force pay against companies, force pay against VETS, and so on shows the lack of a moral building block within this Health Care Reform.
    What we offer is that, will, Lets use the AARP Health Care Insurance Company, and lets say that they have 30 million members. To show that this company can earn $150 million dollars per month and be released from the burden of medical cost, by what we wish to show as health care tax forum and a freedom of choice for a pay in to a forum to a Insurance Company for people who do not trust this system within The United States Government. A tax forum forces the Goverment system to work for the people and at the same time forces Government Officals to work for the people within this forum.
    To reach out to a company and sit down with them to build something never attempted in order to rebuild lives and the National Security of The United States as a moral building block without laws to Govern, but to protect this system from crime is what a moral law use to stand for.
    To show a $100 trillion dollar strategic building block by companies of freewill that step forward to help rebuild America. To build the most powerful anti war / crime forum ever conceived by such as I a nobody that only seek to only go back to work as a painter and rebuild his little company dream.
    As stated at first I stood alone against so many and I have found the uniting of people of different faith that seeks the same as I do. What makes FASC Concepts different, we do not ask for money and we opened a door for people to put their faith into themselves as a person and not what we say, to build on this and protect it under the concepts of law such as the Patriot Act. {A Moral Concept}
    There is a day coming that Officials of Government will see that the Laws built against God and Country was the first steps of the United States Of America headed for failure because it lacks moral value. This is what our enemies see, a Country of Laws that should of never been created by few against so many people of the USA.
    Is it so hard to see a concept for a Health Care Stimulus Package that builds jobs and life within a anti / crime forum ?
    Henry Massingale
    FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward
    found on google.com. And yahoo look for page 1 american dream offical site.

  2. The government has always taken a role in safeguarding the safety and well-being of it's citizens. Universal Healthcare exists in every industrialized nation but this one. Social security, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment/disability pay, the fire dept, the police dept., education and health insurance for children, are all examples of the government acting for the benefit of the greater good. We are all entitled to medical care regardless of health and income. That's the benefit of being part of a larger governed society. I hope that no one here ever ends up on the sadder side of this debate like many of my friends and relatives who have lost their healthcare, have had to declare medical bankruptcy or can’t get medical treatment for very serious illnesses.

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