Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So much for gun control

Best article I've read on the Fort Hood Massacre:
So Much for Gun Control

From DAILY SOUND — Nov. 10, 2009

There is little to salvage from last week’s mass murder at Fort Hood, Texas, but there are some stark realizations this heartbreaking horror exposes. One is the wishful but mistaken notion that such incidents can be prevented by laws prohibiting or strictly restricting access to firearms. The Second Amendment not with standing, U.S. military bases prohibit unauthorized personnel from carrying firearms on base. Access to military weapons is carefully restricted and weapons are secured in armories." Read entire article from DAILY SOUND, click here.

His comment on "U.S. military bases prohibit unauthorized personnel from carrying firearms on base" should wake us up. Every active duty man and woman in the military should be required to wear a side arm at least. Especially since I believe as time progresses, it will be revealed that this was a case of terrorism, not a nut that was disgruntled. This could happen again, and it could be much worse. We have to destroy the political correctness mentality before it kills us!
If among the murdered and wounded at Fort Hood any had been armed, the slaughter would have been less. The gunman would have been confronted by people who could defend themselves rather than by helpless victims. Free people should not only be able to arm themselves, they should be able to carry those arms on their person as they do their cell phones. Self defense is among the most basic of human and civil rights.

I heartily recomment reading the entire article, So Much for Gun Control. read article here.

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